About us

Who are we ?

We are Marie and Pankaj, the creators of Indie Corner. Let's do the introductions ☀️

I am French and Pankaj is Indian.

Pankaj is passionate about technology, as he likes to say he's a developer by profession, blogger by hobby and geek by nature. He has been writing programming tips for years on his time2hack blog.

I am passionate about travel, hence my departure to Berlin, after my studies in Marketing to work for the travel blog Voyages Pirates. I've always wanted to live abroad and Berlin has been an atypical experience: a chill city, where life is cheap and where start-ups create a relaxing and festive atmosphere with snacks, brunch and parties. It changed my experiences in France.

So we met in Berlin when we were both working at Voyages Pirates. We knew straight away that our relationship would be special. After 6 months of living together, discovering Berlin and traveling in Europe, we went to India for the first time together and I loved it!

About Indie Corner

India has been an incredible experience for me: the colors, the atmosphere and the excitement everywhere. The food, the shops, the jewelry, the fabrics, the choice ... we knew we wanted to share it all.

This is why we decided to bring Indian culture to Europe, and this is how the idea of ​​Indie Corner was born.

For us Indie Corner is not just an online store. It is the expression and sharing of our relationship but also of our love for India: the Franco-Indian mix, the calm and the storm, the bright colors, the smells of incense, the beauty of the country, the richness of culture ...

So here we are a few months later, offering you Indian treasures and sharing our experience with you.